Friday, August 15, 2008

Vendor meals: a dirty secret of the wedding biz

For our wedding reception, Joe and I made it a point to order meals for all of our vendors. Some of them were there all day, most working much harder than we were, and we felt they deserved a good, hot meal for dinner. We knew there's very little for most of the vendors to do while the guests are eating anyway, and we were grateful to have some of the best wedding professionals Ohio had to offer.

Almost all of our clients treat us to a lovely dinner, which we appreciate. It allows us to stay close to the bride and groom, so we don't miss any impromptu toasts or presentations during dinner, and it keeps our energy up, helping us do our best work.

Occasionally, we'll be surprised by a "vendor meal". Once, we got a loaf of Wonder Bread and some baloney, except the band ate most of the baloney before we got to it. Due to food allergies/intolerances, the risk of food poisoning, and, um, the yuckiness of baloney, we'd rather bring our own lunch than partake of most vendor meals.

Since I'm a bit of a foodie, I thought I might start reviewing the meals we have at weddings - I can photograph them, too! Is anybody interested?

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Ooh, an UPDATE! Someone else beat me to the subject! Click here to see a rather unappealing vendor meal.


Black & White Adventures said...

Wow. I can't believe anyone would do that! We had a buffet and all our vendors were welcome to it, heck, we had 10 no-show guests who RSVP'ed, our vendors could have eaten and packed doggy bags!

Anonymous said...

We are "vendors" as well and have been fed the rubbish you've spoken of in the finest of locations. In fact the more ritzy the country club, the more disgusting the meal. A poorly fed photographer is a grumpy photographer. Do you think a gumpy photographer takes fun photos? Girls, spend a buck or two and treat the "vendors" like people. We'll appreciate it.