Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm mad at Rachael Ray

Okay, I know most of my foodie friends probably aren't fans of hers, but we've been trying to eat at home more, and I needed some new ideas for fast meals. The library had a wealth of Rachael Ray literature, so I checked some out.

From one of the 30-Minute Meals books, I chose the Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms for dinner last night. Because I'm a skeptic, I timed myself - I'm not an inexperienced cook, but it took me no less than 60 minutes to get these things in the oven, and I believe I dirtied every dish in the house in the process.

The end result was pretty good, but next time I'll use smaller mushrooms*, increase the amount of garlic, salt the stuffing, and add more cheese to hold it all together. Oh, I'll also use the Cuisinart, instead of making my sous chef (Joe) painstakingly chop up all the veggies. I thought about it, but the original recipe didn't mention the food processor, so I worried it would puree everything too much.

Interestingly, the online recipe does call for more garlic and cheese, as well as the food processor.
*Or I might skip the mushrooms and just put the stuffing on toasted, buttered bread, like we did with our leftovers. That was much less messy to eat and very good. Then I could call the recipe Non-Stuffed Non-Mushrooms, which is kinda fun.


Bonnie said...


You should have your own show. I am
serious. You (2) are so creative....

When the recipe wasn't working, I would have given up and ended up going out to dinner.

HGTV -- Here you come. OOPS!!, that's right you are going to be on HGTV in January !! I'm serious! you need your own show !!!!!

Bridget said...

I love ya, Bonnie! :)

TLC said...

i have several RR cookbooks but never open them because as a mom of 2 kids under age 5, i'm quite certain that her "30 minute meals" would turn into 90 minute disasters. plus, i'm always tempted to go "semi homemade" with recipes....

Dri said...

I have a couple of her cookbooks, too and don't think they are REALLY 30-minute meals.

Maybe if I had an entire staff of people supporting me, stocking my fridge with exactly what I need and telling me what to do next in my ear piece.... maybe.

Don't get me wrong, though, I LOVE Ms. Ray. LOVE HER.