Friday, August 15, 2008

Having my own business (a weekly feature)

Three reasons I think having my own business is wonderful:

1. I don't have to wear shoes at the office (I do for meetings, don't worry!)

2. Nobody steals my lunch out of the fridge

3. Every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day (Heidi, pictured above, has her backpack on, ready to go)


Bonnie said...


Here are some additional reasons:

1. You can wear really comfy shoes to the office, even for meetings...crocs, tennies,, yeah !!

2. Tell your boss to "Chill out"

3. Leave early for the day or come in a little later -- no time clocks

4. If you need a sanity 3- day weekend, you can do this without anyone else's approval !!

5. If you need an extended lunch hour, go for it, Big Brother isn't watching ..

6. Best of all, a lot of your customers and bridal vendors like Decisive Moments (The best photographer's in town) become your friends :)

Two Pretzels said...

I appreciate that Heidi is so prepared.