Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nicole and Joe at Toledo Country Club

Here's an adorable couple, married just three days ago, at Toledo Country Club (TCC). What struck me most about them was that they just seemed to really enjoy each other a lot.

All the details were attended to by Linda and the staff at TCC.

The flowers, by Kircher's, were very cool.

Decorative Sound, as always, did a lovely job keeping the party going.

Click on any photo to enlarge!

And check out this guest book - guests wrote their names and wishes for the couple on stones!


Joe said...

They're such a nice couple. I'm glad their wedding turned out so well!

Iris Took said...

I really like the stones idea - very clever!

Two Pretzels said...

Love that rock idea. Cool.

Kelly said...

Great pictures. Lovely couple and I love the ideas of the rocks... Kudos to you!!