Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Hidden" fat and calories

Here's a fascinating article exposing some of the dirty secrets restaurants "don't want you to know".

I love stuff like this. It's fun to ruin people's (namely, Joe's) dinner by saying, "do you know there are three days' worth of calories in that?"

Thanks to my ex-boyfriend for the link. I agree with him that the people who care probably know they should be staying away from these foods, but even when I'm carefully watching calories, I'll occasionally splurge and need to know how much damage I'm doing.


Will said...

In some cases ignorance can be bliss. I'll probably be happier not knowing how many calories my dinner at Red Robin tonight will be.

Bonnie said...

OMG, I am so bummed. I love Panera's. I thought when I ate there -- I was eating a little healthy. (Especially their salads)

I guess I will have to start spending more time shopping at Claudia's...
and do more cooking at home.
That is a real bummer !!!!!

Serena said...

I wish ignorance was bliss. Love the cucumber juice recipe though.