Friday, August 8, 2008

McNugget of Wisdom

So I had just ordered the McSkillet Burritos for our breakfast meeting this morning and I handed the company card to the cashier. She looked at it and said, "you have your own business?"

I replied that I do, and she said, "that's really wonderful!"

When I'm all caught up in the crazy busy-ness of business, dealing with tech problems and vendors who disappoint us, packing cases for weddings, and answering emails, I forget that it really is wonderful to have your own business. I think I should hire the McDonald's cashier to come to the office and be our cheerleader. Ooh, and she can bring breakfast, too!


Jessica said...

I needed this wisdom today. Thank you! :)

Bonnie said...


We need to remind each other from
time-to-time that we are lucky that
we have our own business.... and that we do have some wonderful days.
Let's make a pact, when you are down-- I will remind you of the fact that we are lucky that we are doing what we want to do and when I come into your beautiful shop and I am crabby and down, you remind me.

Let us know if you get any additional inspirational thoughts
the next time you go to McDonalds..