Saturday, June 21, 2008

I must have it

Though I'm usually not a big PB fan, this duvet was so cool it knocked me over. It's a really fun pattern (which should hide dog hair) and you can see Pantone color numbers/names when you look close.

If it's not already, this fabric is going to be a huge cult hit with designers of all kinds.


BG said...

I love, LOVE this too!! In fact, I drooled over many of the new PB duvets this season. I know several people who don't like them at all.

Glad to know I'm not that weird. Or at the very least, that I share my weirdness with another. ;)

Elisabeth said...

I'm not a huge fan of PB, but I really love their bright stuff these days. I liked one of their other duvets that was bright and obnoxious like this one, but of course, I like this one 1000X more that I know Pantone is involved :D