Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thoughts on grocery-getting

So I got groceries at Meijer tonight. Some thoughts:

1. It's best to get groceries at 11 p.m. or an equally odd hour. No crowds and very few toddlers.

2. I drive all the way out to Meijer especially for my favorite chorizo (El Popular Mild) and they don't sell it anymore? GAAAAH! I tried the "picante" and just about died. I have no idea where to get the good stuff. Very sad.

3. They package strawberry Mentos by themselves now, because they're the yummiest. And they don't use nasty fake food coloring (I have a problem with red dye #40 which is in just about everything).

4. Are there any good, locally-made tortillas in Toledo? If you know, please tell me. I am really sick of the mass-produced ones.

5. Did you know bunnies are supposed to love cilantro? We've been bringing Mimzy (the office bunny) greens - dandelions and carrot tops have been her faves so far. Tomorrow, we try cilantro. I'll keep ya posted.

6. Rice Chex are now gluten-free! I keep buying them for my sister, who has Celiac Disease, but then we eat them all. Tonight we got other GF treats, too, because our wedding season has begun (and Brenna stays over a lot): Amy's GF Mac 'n' Cheese, Lara Bars, Tostito's Scoops, and Van's Waffles.

7. I cannot shop with Joe anymore. He's a disaster (I love you, honey, but you know you are). I sent him to the back of the store for Ortega Medium Taco Sauce (what? It's gluten-free!) and he came back with three different types of salsa. Good thing he's so cute.


mara said...

I've never commented before, but this blog is full of things that I feel the need to weigh in on!

1. You are so right. I feel bad for people who don't have a schedule that allows them to grocery shop at midnight. It's heavenly when there's no one around but the stock people and their giant carts of boxes.

2. Meijer doesn't carry El Popular -mild- anymore?? I just picked some up a couple weeks ago. ARG! Maumee right?

4. Yes!!! Good god yes, La Perla tortilla factory on Hill ave. East of Byrne, near Westwood. Their tortillas waaay better than anything you get at the grocery store around here.

6. My H is a Celiac, so I am quite familiar with GF cooking, products etc. I can't wait to make puppy chow for him with the newly GF rice chex! I heard about the switch some time ago, but forgot- thank you!

[Our] #1 premade GF item is ALMONDY torte that you can purchase at ikea. #1 flour-like mix is Pamela's baking and pancake mix. GF baking is pretty much the scariest and most intensive process ever (baking in general is scary to me), and this mix works with anything. I sub it for flour in any muffin, pancake, cookie, waffle etc recipe and they always turn out fantastic! I dare you to make sticky toffee date pudding with it... Almost better than than with wheat flour (just add some baking powder!).

p.s. This is the Mara who owns your old stove... it still works well! :)

Bridget said...

Welcome, Mara!

Thanks so much for the pointers (esp. on the tortillas!). Yes, the Meijer sans mild chorizo is in Maumee.

I'm glad the stove is still in good shape. :)

Trophy Life said...

talk to me about your usage of chorizo? i've had bad experiences with it while in Spain

Bridget said...

trophy life,

I believe that there are two kinds of chorizo, the smoked sausage that's ready to eat, and the raw, ground sausage that is Mexican in origin. Correct me if I'm wrong, foodies.

I like both kinds, but the raw, Mexican stuff is a staple in our house. We "brown" it (I put that in quotes because it's too red to get brown) and scramble it into some eggs for soft tacos, with cilantro, fresh salsa, and lime. It's my favorite 15-minute meal, for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

As you read, though, the mild is my favorite. The picante is too spicy even for my husband.

Trophy Life said...

ok, thanks! i would actually enjoy the 15-minute dish of which you type about. the spanish chorizo (odd-looking and SOAKED in a little pool of grease...ewww!)