Monday, May 19, 2008

Ten things I would love for my birthday, part TEN

My birthday is Friday, and it's shaping up to be a lot of fun.

For my birthday, what I want the very most is some fun, relaxed time with my wonderful husband, my fantastic family, and my good friends (I might end up having a date night with Joe and two separate parties). I would love a nice, long bike ride in there somewhere. And my two favorite meals: breakfast at McDonald's (I know, I can't help it!) and dinner at Zingerman's Roadhouse.

No matter what's on my wish list, I always get the best birthday presents. My mother bought me an incredibly warm down coat this winter, so my present has been keeping me cozy already for months, my father is coming soon to help us demolish a closet and turn it into a snazzy new half bath, and Joe's giving me the day off, and he's planning a date on his own (this is a biggie for him, and completely his own idea).

My brother and SIL always choose the most thoughtful gifts (the only possessions I would grab to save in a fire are the paintings they commissioned of my dogs), and my sister and BIL always throw the best parties. Fingers crossed that my BIL will be grilling something and that he can take a minute to help me install some new things on my bike. My sister knows me better than I know myself, plus she already gave me two goddaughters, so she's set for a long time. Now that I have four darling little girls on my side of the family, I also get the cutest cards and drawings and homemade things that I really treasure.

So, what is your favorite gift ever? Or the thing you really, really want? Please share!


Trophy Life said...

one of my favorite gifts was a trip to Toronto. What I would like, always, as a gift is the gifts of quality time (that include travel OF COURSE)

jb said...

I sure love the chihuahua that I bought you for your birthday, that then latched on to me. He's totally the best gift I ever accidently bought myself:)

Rock on, Pete the super Chi!