Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Garage, Redux

Hey, does anyone remember back in January when I was all New Year's resolved to clean out the garage? The garage that sneers at us when we think about parking a car in it? The garage that still has all sorts of packed boxes from our move? Which was 4 years ago this week?

Yeah. Well, we made an serious effort back then but it was too cold to finish. And then this spring, we've been too busy. But this weekend, we did it. Well, we've almost done it. It should be done tomorrow.

It will be wonderful to have it done, but cleaning it out was the most upsetting experience I've had in years, except for family members' illnesses and funerals. I kind of hate memories, and all the things I've been carrying around with me for years and years. I hate keeping them, but I hate saying good-bye to them. I am not a packrat (that's Joe) - I just wish all the stuff I don't need anymore would disappear, without me having to make the decision.

You know, old wedding gifts that you never found a place for, projects you really feel bad about not doing, furniture that was too cool to get rid of, but not cool enough to stay in its place, or things you once loved, but then outgrew. If we'd had a flood or a fire, I could've let everything go, but to dump it myself is hard.

We're throwing away very little, so that makes me happy: lots of plastic and cardboard will be recycled, anything that can be used by anyone else will be donated, and many things will be sold. We'll use the proceeds to replace some of the clothing that was ruined by moisture. And probably for something fun when we're done. We're both filthy and tired and cranky. I will keep you posted.

(Also, we have some pretty big news for you this week, but I want to have all the papers signed before I make an announcement. If you already know, shh! Don't tell yet!)

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