Thursday, May 15, 2008

ISO the perfect black tee

Since you brilliant readers of mine found me local tortillas (thanks again, Mara!), I'm hoping you can help me find the perfect black tee. I wear black t-shirts about 99% of the time (even to bed) but now I need some good ones for work.

Must be long, fitted but not too clingy, substantial but not heavy, non-fading and machine washable. I'm not fussy about necklines, but I do prefer a longer sleeve. I'm quite interested in modal or bamboo or whatever that stuff is. And money's no object (I loved typing that, but really, how pricey can a t-shirt be?).

So help a girl out?

(Pictured is the 3/4-length tee from Undertease, which is almost right but not quite. It's got an embroidered logo on the bum.)

1 comment:

suchaclancy said...

Target has a long-sleeved modal v-neck in the sleepwear section. I have one and love it; no one knows it's meant to be jammies!