Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rainbow at Kroger

Yesterday, NW Ohio was treated to some seriously weird weather. Here is the rainbow I made Joe pull over for - it lasted about two minutes, so I was lucky to get these photos (click to enlarge).

I wholeheartedly approve of rainbows.


Will said...


Amanda said...

How beautiful! April is a whacky month- lows in the 40's, now highs in the upper 60's... raining while the sunshines. NY is whacky too!

Bonnie said...

Remember --

Life is like a RAINBOW.
You need both the SUN and the RAIN
to make the colors appear. ;)

And of course -- how could we ever forget --
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Skies are Blue
And the dreams that you dare to Dream
Really do come true..

Bridget -Thanks for the Beautiful Photo


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

That's fantastic.

Trophy Life said...

i love this pic. very cool.