Friday, April 11, 2008

Office hours

Hey, just so everyone knows, I am now working in my new office (I used to work from home). I love being downtown, but my efforts and my equipment are split up a bit. From home, I can blog, but I need to be at the office to access work email, wedding photos, web stuff, and albums.

So if you see me blogging, I'm often not at the office. I didn't want anyone to stop by and be unpleasantly surprised. If you call our main number (419.243.2111) you can always check to see when we're in.

Right now, I'm on a couch with many dogs, waiting for Joe to drive us to the office.


jb said...

Two offices now...fancy shmancy!

kylee said...

I feel as if one of the most loveliest place on earth to be would be, "on a couch with many dogs", while blogging of course.