Sunday, April 6, 2008

I got the bike

Well, it's on order. If anyone is looking for a fantastic bike shop, look no further. Two Wheel Tango, with two locations in Ann Arbor, is the place. I love a saleswoman who tells me that I can try the large-frame bike, but that she will not sell it to me (because I needed the medium frame).

(Reminds me of my alterations person who gives it to me straight and won't let me leave looking like an idiot.)

Two Wheel Tango offers a lifetime warranty on frames, and free tune-ups for life ($45 and up at other stores).


April Swick said...

The bike looks a little flatter than I thought it would.... J/K!

Can't wait to run into you again on the trail this time when you have your new "ride" : )

mamabear said...

Who is your alterations person?

Bridget said...

Vicky at River Road Bridal, in Rossford. She's excellent. :)