Friday, April 18, 2008

Gryson bags at Target

I'm becoming a purse girl, but I'm too hard on my things to spend a bundle on a statussy bag. Target has a new line of Gryson bags that are very cute, and just as cheap. I got the cross-body white one, and I fear I can't resist the black satchel. You could bring a whole picnic to the movie theater! (Not that I condone bringing your own food to the movies, but until National Amusements steps it up in the popcorn department, it's gonna happen.)

The satchel, in particular, looks better IRL. $20-45.


mamabear said...

What about the drawstring tote? The woven with cutout handles is nice as well.

mamabear said...

Question, on a side note- recognizing that you are professional, do you have any comments about the gorillapod for the simple point and shoot cameras? Is it worth it?

Bridget said...

I like the cutout, but it wasn't as big as the satchel. And the weave is kinda funny -- too glossy, in my opinion, on the big bags.

I love the gorillapod and have been thinking about getting one. If they're less than $20 or 30, I say they're worth it. :)

Anonymous said...

I've never really been a Target shopper for clothes or bags but those are not too shabby looking!