Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ooooh! We're famous!

There are so few products and services that have not disappointed me lately, I like to compliment the people and companies that make my life easier.

I sent an email and a photo to the creators of the Shootsac, a new camera bag that's really changed the way we shoot, and they posted it on their blog! Click here to see!

Joe's Shootsac is plain black, but I like to fancy mine up with pretty covers. I have this one now, and I'd love this one, if anyone feels like buying me a way-too-expensive gift.


Trophy Life said...

i want to become a photographer now! just cause the bags are uber cute. ; )
i went to their blog and the link for you/Joe didn't work for me (boo), but that is SOOO COOL!
i hope you didn't get your lunch or sand mixed up with your lenses ; )

catters said...

This bag is super cool. How is it holding up?

Bridget said...

They are awesome bags - and they seem to be built VERY well. I've abused mine for a year now, and it still looks great.