Friday, July 11, 2008

Mimzy in the trashcan

I'm sorry, it's just that she's particularly cute lately!

I couldn't find Mimzy anywhere, and Joe pointed out she'd found a new hideout. This is a mesh wastebasket that we just moved from the old office, on top of a box full of binders, which is on top of a wheeled cart. I kept walking by, not taking a picture, but I finally gave in.


Meghan said...

Oh my gosh, Mimzy is way too adorable. She has great taste too; as she sits upon a piperlime box. ;o)

Two Pretzels said...

I mean, are you serious? Could she be any cuter?

(Note: I enjoy the Mimzy shots.)

Two Pretzels said...

How big is Mimzy?

Alvo said...

This fotografs reminding me of art installation I perform many years ago while once in Germany.

I purchase bunnyrabbit from local merchant who selling them for food, and train him to hop in and out of can which look very much like can you have.

When show is over little Ukraine girl ask if she can have bunnyrabbit. I ask why she want bunnyrabbit and she tell me she want him for pet, not for food, so I agree.

She name him Herr Hopsmuch and they become very close. She move to Italy some years back and we no longer keep in touch. But your fotografs reminding me of this.


Bridget said...

Alvo, that's wonderful! Herr Hopsmuch. I love that!

2pretzels, she's about 5 pounds, so as big as some of my dogs. Not very big for a bunny, but bigger than a dwarf (those short-eared buns you see a lot as pets). I believe she's the smallest lop-eared breed, a Holland Lop. My senior dog, Benny, likes her, but I don't trust the young'uns. :)