Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let them eat cake

As wedding photographers, we eat a lot of cake. All wedding cake is good, but some is exceptional.

I was talking cake with a bride tonight, and thought this warranted a blog entry. My picks in the Toledo area...

Richest, Most Intense Cake if You're Not on a Budget:

Zingermans! Check out this deli/bakery in Ann Arbor and you'll love me for recommending it. Joe and I begged them to make our wedding cake (the Hunka Burnin' Love flavor), which I believe was their first, but now they're doing it all the time. It's not as expensive as it may seem either, because their serving size is much larger than the average. We had months' worth of leftover cake from our wedding, which froze well.

Best Cake in Ohio:

Myles Baker Street! Ever since I met Meredith Myles, co-owner of Myles Baker Street, at her own wedding, and tasted her wedding cake, I've been a fan. Joe and I drive to Bowling Green a couple times a month, just to sample the latest treats at Myles Baker Street. I gather that while it's easy to make a pretty cake, it's hard to make a gorgeous cake that tastes amazing. This is a small, family business, and their prices are very reasonable.

Best Cupcakes:

Cake in a Cup! I've blogged about these guys before, but like their cupcakes, one is not enough. If you're thinking about cupcakes for your wedding, check out their amazing, modern cake stand. We got a peek at it the last time we were in the shop, um, testing different flavors. It's all part of the job.

Now if I left anyone out, please just send us some cake and we'll consider it for our next awards post.


Meghan said...

Yum, everything looks so wonderful and all I have is some angel food cake upstairs. What I wouldn't give for some great cake right now!

Michelle said...

Steph introduced us to Cake Nouveau in A2 and it is incredible. It's worth a stop in when you're up there next time.