Friday, July 11, 2008

Before and after

One of the things that makes Decisive Moment so different is that we personally retouch every image our clients choose for their albums and prints. We do this ourselves, in our studio, rather than outsourcing the work (we're control freaks about this stuff).

We have access to all sorts of special effects, which help us make our photos look sharper, softer, warmer, cooler, and just plain gorgeous. The trick is not to overuse effects, so that people see the finished image and say, "Wow, you look good!" rather than, "That's so cool! How did they do that?"

Here's an example, a photo from a 2004 wedding, actually. I love how the retouched version looks like something out of a fairytale (one with a happy ending).

Click on any image to enlarge.

SOTC (straight out of the camera):

And after a little work:

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