Saturday, December 22, 2007

Only 3 days

I just picked up the best last-minute gifts... Anthropologie is selling these darling monogrammed mugs, individually wrapped in their own box with felt snowflakes, and your choice of instant hot cocoa (w/ marshmallows!) or candy canes attached. They're so cute and only $6, which I would happily pay just for the package. It was all I could do not to argue that they should charge way more for these.

I like that they have the more feminine style, perfect for Joe's great aunt, and the more gender-neutral, which are actually my favorite. I got a matched set for my best friend and her hubby.

For the cute wrapping job, you'll have to go to your local store.


Dandelionmom said...

Ooooo, I LOVE those mugs!

Bridget said...

hee hee! Dandelion reads me!