Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 days

And you're going to need some stocking stuffers. I love my iPod nano. The new ones play a few hours of video, too, which is awesome when you're stuck on a plane in a teeny tiny coach seat. I use the Nike+ system as well, to monitor my walking and running. Don't worry, you don't need Nike shoes to use this sensor. I use a shoe wallet instead.

The shuffle is great for the gym, or just for tooling around the house. I like it for home improvement work, because it's small enough to tuck away to keep the dust and paint off.

I guess I have really tiny ears, because the regular iPod earbuds hurt. I love all the new earbuds with different sized ear thingies -- you can get them for as little as $15, but if you want to get great sound, these are the ones I'd choose ($139). My husband is under strict instructions not to buy them for me, though, since I lose stuff. These are similar, but less fancy/pricey ($59).

If you're shopping for wedding photography and need an iPod, stay tuned. We're rolling out a new iPod package in January!

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