Thursday, February 7, 2008

I love the internet

Joe and I are planning to build the smallest half bath in history, which will take the place of our front/coat closet. Thanks to the world wide web, I've found our sink!

You won't believe this.

Brilliant, isn't it?


Will said...

That's pretty cool!

And I bet it could double as a bidet in a pinch.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

(I'm laughing pretty hard at Will's comment. Fantastic.)

Iris Took said...

HAHA. A bidet for a gymnast :)

That IS cool. I think I want one anyway.

Melissa said...

What a great idea! Love it!

Dr. Turtle said...

eek...I think it's kinda gross.

April Swick said...

LOL! Perfect -- just as you described : )