Friday, February 1, 2008

Cheap things to do, 1 of 10

We are too busy most of the spring, summer, and fall to go out, and then in the winter, we have more time, but we try to stick to a budget. So I'm always coming up with cheap and fun things to do. I'm going to share ten of our ideas here.

1. My favorite cheap thing to do in the winter is to get into the gas-sipping Toyota (37-40 mpg, baby!) and drive to Ann Arbor. Next door to Zingerman's Deli is Zingerman's Next Door, where they sell their amazing Dancing Sandwiches and pastries for half off, after 5 p.m.

Joe and I love to go up there and get a couple of their oven-dried tomato and farm cheese sandwiches and whichever pastries they have left. Sometimes Joe gets the prosciutto and farm cheese... You can't go wrong at Zingerman's.

Total cost (not including gas money) = $9 for two sandwiches and two pastries.

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