Friday, February 22, 2008

The dog train stops in Toledo!

So I have these dog-rescuing friends who are cool enough (or is it crazy enough?) to drive a cargo van with 20-some dogs from southern Alabama to New Hampshire, pretty much straight through. They do this to give these shelter dogs a chance at great new homes, since there are so many more homeless dogs down south than there are in New England.

I've heard that, every time they make this trip, all of the southern dogs are snapped up by new owners in a matter of days. I'm sure the cute southern accents help. ;)

I'm meeting them today in Toledo, on their way to Chicago, to drop off their last passenger at her new foster home. I'll have photos of Val, the very lucky pit bull, later tonight, but for now, click here to check out their blog.

Oh, and here's their FAQ (how do you walk that many dogs?!).


Melissa said...

I love our crazy rescue friends. They ROCK.

malissa said...

that is really sweet and kindhearted. i live in VA and drive through the country through work, and cry a few tears each day because people here do not treat their dogs very well (in my humble opinion).