Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cheap things to do, 2 of 10

Dinner and a movie in Bowling Green. Because National Amusements owns every theater in and around Toledo, and because their popcorn is so gnasty, we have to go to Bowling Green to properly enjoy a flick. We get Mexican gumbo at Qdoba (about $13 for two bowls), then we go to the Cinemark at Woodland Mall. They charge $4 for admission, $2 on Tuesdays or on Thursdays, if they think you look like a student, and all the films are first-run.

If you're a night owl like we are, you can sometimes catch a Tuesday or Thursday night midnight showing of a new release - that's how we saw The Golden Compass a while back (movie was okay, book is really good).

Cinemark's popcorn is decent, and though the theaters are old and not very spiffy, the service can't be beat. And if you get there early enough, which we never do, you can stop by Steve & Barry's next door for some awesome bargains on clothes.

Total for dinner and a movie, on Tuesday, not including popcorn or Steve & Barry's clothing: $17

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Now I'm hungry.