Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Speaking of renovations

Has everyone already seen photos of our house?

I can't find the photos of our kitchen before we gutted it, but here are the "during" and "after" pics.

Here's proof you don't have to know what you're doing to demolish your kitchen and rebuild it. You just need some power tools and a whole lotta crazy.

We refinished and painted the floor, added french doors, then rebuilt the walls and ceiling (with some help from my very clever brother). We installed cabinets, breakfast bar, counters, and appliances ourselves (okay, Dad helped with the dishwasher).

We did all the tile work, paint, and lighting (thank you, Will, for rewiring half the house). We only got professional help with the window, which added a lot of natural light, and some of the plumbing (which my brother-in-law started, but we could not finish).

I should also thank Stephanie and Bill, whose last-minute wedding booking put us over our goal for 2006, and allowed me to buy my wonderful Jenn-Air range with the warming drawer. And Greg, Michelle's talented husband, who custom made the fantastic stainless counters to my ever-changing specifications.

One last shout-out to my mother, who stitched the couture curtains with the orange rickrack.






M said...

Wow! I know the house that you bought, (Two Pretzels told me)I looked at it when I was house shopping and just based on pictures, you have done amazing things to that house. It was a great house before, loved the pool and greenhouse, but I'm sure it's awesome now.

Good for you for putting in the time and effort to truly make it your own. That's tres cool.

Will said...

What, no closeups of those beautiful, beautiful electrical outlets? For shame!