Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cheap things to do, 3 of 10

Back to my series of cheap dates in NW Ohio and SE Michigan!

Groceries and dinner at Whole Foods in Ann Arbor.

Tonight, with the goal of filling our new chest freezer, we stopped by Whole Foods. I grabbed some of their all-butter puff pastry and ogled the prime, dry-aged steaks (it would be a shame to freeze those). If you haven't been to a Whole Foods, it's definitely an experience.

Then we got dinner: two slices of brick oven pizza - BLT for me, gorgonzola and wild mushroom for Joe (2 for $5), salads ($1.50 each), and grapefruit and pear IZZE sodas ($1 each). Oh yeah, and mini chocolate fruit tarts for dessert (2 for $3). Total for both of us, not including groceries: $13.


jb said...

Oh man, now I'm REALLY hungry! I forgot to eat lunch...

Mark Brooke Photography said...

I love those stores, they are good for anything.