Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who's trying to lose weight?

I just wondered. I'm working on 20 lbs right now, because there's a really cute retro swimsuit I want for Vegas this spring.

I don't use a system or diet - I just keep a food journal and work out a lot. I will keep you posted. Here's hoping this turns out better than the garage!

Also - that photo isn't mine, but I totally do that on the scale. I think it makes you weigh less. Give it a shot!


jb said...

If you really want to weigh less, don't hold Benny when you get on the scale!

TLC said...

yep. i'm trying too. i've got 30 to get rid of (2 kids = an added 30lbs.).

and, i do that on the scale too! haha.