Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pet portraits with Santa!

We'll be in Sylvania, Ohio in a couple weeks, doing very affordable pet portraits with Santa. Last year, Santa got growled at and peed on, but he handled it with aplomb. This may well be the funnest shoot of the year, last year we photographed more than 80 pets in four hours!

Click on the photo for more info, and I promise one of the pooches pictured will make you smile.

Oh, and a chunk of the proceeds go to charity, so you can give while you get some great photos.


Black & White Adventures said...

All the pups made me smile! You should move to North East Florida, it's much warmer here ; )

Leslie said...

Can you shoot cats too? (Mine are scared of dogs so they would have to be in a different room during the shoot...?

Bridget said...

We have had cats do portraits with Santa, but everyone is pretty much in the same room. There is a waiting area for cats only, you could stay there until it's time for your photo... and there should be exam rooms available.

Email me if you have questions, we talk to the vets all the time, so we can see what they think. :)